UK Fire Cadets Chair's Award


The Chairs Award and Letter of Commendation (CALC) exemplifies the NFCC Leadership Framework, Code of Conduct and Ethical Values.

The CALC has been created to publicly recognise outstanding achievement by an individual cadet.  Many of our cadets go that extra mile to help people, showing a genuine concern for their community and individuals within it but occasionally there is one that is exceptional and goes that little bit further.


Levels of Award

The Chairs Award nomination can be made by anyone however it must be submitted by the Fire Cadets lead for each individual service. It will be awarded at the discretion of the UKFC Chairperson and will consist of the following levels:


  • Chairs Award –Those Cadets who are nominated and are approved by the Chair will receive a letter from the Chair, a Certificate and a Chairs Award badge.
  • Chairs Commendation – Those young people who are nominated but it is felt do not qualify for the Award will receive a Letter of Commendation from the Chair.


Awarding Criteria

There are infinite possible avenues that could lead to a cadet being nominated for a CALC and it is down to the discretion of Fire Cadets leads for each individual service with regards to what they would consider exceptional and what they would wish to submit.  It is not therefore possible to give exacting criteria, but the following should provide some guidance on what may be considered:

  • Courage in Adversity – A cadet who has responded to a spontaneous adverse situation that they have found themselves in. Where their actions, utilising the training and experience that they have gained as cadets, had a significant impact on the wellbeing of others and may even be lifesaving.  This could be situations such as a Road traffic Collision or a member/s of the public taking ill or receiving an injury.
  • Community Action – A cadet who has shown a long-term commitment to a community which may be defined by place, interest, action, practice or circumstance and has made a huge difference to the lives of others through volunteering and/or leadership. This would have to be exceptional, for example simply attending as a leader at a youth group would not be seen as exceptional, however starting and developing a youth group to meet a specific need may be.
  • Resilience and Perseverance – A cadet who has overcome significant personal challenges during their cadet journey and shown commitment to their fellow cadets and compassion for others throughout. The range of challenges is very broad but may consist of personal trauma and/or disabling condition. A cadet’s wider access to support from family, friends and agencies may also be considered.
  • Accumulative – A cadet whose experience in any one of the above may not be considered exceptional but when viewed holistically could be.


Further Information

Cadets can be nominated at any time throughout the year via your Fire Service Fire Cadet Team Leads. Further information and guidance on making an award can be sought from the UKFC executive team by emailing