1. To promote and develop the national brand and shared identity of Fire Cadets.

  2. To encourage the active involvement of young people in the future development of Fire Cadets.

  3. To encourage recruitment strategies that consider disadvantaged, under-represented young people and left behind communities

  4. To promote opportunities for participation in regional, national and international events and activities.

  5. To improve the training opportunities available for instructors in line with national good practice.

  6. To support the provision of quality volunteering opportunities for adults.

  7. To develop partnerships with agencies and organisation that have similar goals.

  8. To promote participation in Social Action to increase community engagement and reduce community risk and vulnerability.

Our Values

  • Treat each other with fairness and respect

  • Act with integrity and honesty

  • Challenge prejudice and discrimination

  • Be responsible citizens

  • Commit to personal development

  • Actively seek the views of young people