Fire Cadets Award One


The Fire Cadets Award has been created to recognise the achievements and progress of young people participating in the Fire Cadets. It supports the development of key skills for life, learning, employment and citizenship and has been designed around existing Fire Cadets activities to compliment local programmes.

Award One is designed to give young people an insight into the Fire and Rescue Service and develop their knowledge and understanding of community safety and well-being.

Aim and Objectives

Aim To provide fire cadets with a structured and progressive development Award that supports local programme delivery.


  • To provide a common means to recognise the improvement, commitment and effort of every fire cadet irrespective of individual ability.
  • To support a standard level of experience and common set of activities for all fire cadets.
  • To provide an accessible and structured range of activities to ensure a diverse and fun experience for all fire cadets.
  • To provide transferable skills and knowledge for all young people engaged in the Fire Cadets Award.

Social Action

Social Action is a key element of being a fire cadet and young people must take part in a minimum of three activities each year. This can include coming together to help improve their lives and to try to address social problems through volunteering, fundraising, or simple neighbourly acts. The aim of social action is to help empower communities, help people in need, complement public services, and improve people’s confidence and skills.


To gain an accredited Btec Level 2, Cadets must complete Award One plus the Award Two which contains an additional 4 Credits from the mandatory units and 5 credits from the optional units. They must also assist in the organisation of 3 Social Action activities for the Award One, and 3 Social Actions for the Award Two.

Fire Cadets must be registered with CVC at the start of the Award One if services wish to support the Btec Level 2 accredited route.

Click here for a full list of the Award One Modules